PETER CAPALDI AS THE DOCTOR | Photographed by Jeff Riedel for Entertainment Weekly

My buddy, Gatissmark, kindly posted the new Peter shoots for us a few days ago. If you missed her post, no fret! She’s allowed me to repost these originals here. I hope you all enjoy them! Click to view full size.

Peter Capaldi, photograph by Jason Alden

PETER CAPALDI | ‘Titmuss Regained’ (1991) with Holly De Jong


Sorry, I’ve been gone for so long!

So, here, have some sexy Pete. :)


MR. AND MRS. CAPALDI | Celebrating after their film ‘Soft Top Hard Shoulder’ won top award at the London Film Festival

I saw this post on a photographer’s website. He posted it last week, perhaps this might be the set-up in which Peter pose for his official DW photoshoot?

The Holmes Boys — Caught Smoking

“You know, the new Doctor is an old friend of mine.”

mercurymay whispered: List five facts about yourself. Then send this to ten of your favourite blogs.
  1. I love books
  2. I like to draw
  3. I’m watching Pride and Prejudice right now (the 1995 Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version)
  4. I used to have a tumblr before this one, way back in late 2009/early 2010 for about a year or so. I know! I feel so old now that I’m back and see all these shenanigans (and I’m loving it! lol)
  5. I have a very inappropriate crush on James May